Areas of activity

Areas of activity

Economic and financial area

VTI studio can establish and developing budgets, business plans and strategic investment plans for its client in order to assess the correct balance between equity capital and third-party capital as well as the identification of different forms of financing and assistance in finding them.

In such a capacity are included all types of investigations with the purpose of determining the current state of a certain entrepreneurial activity both from an economic or financial point of view as well as all the activities of preparation, updating and commenting of periodic reporting models to assist management.

Taxation area

Consulting, advisory and representation services.

Corporate operations

Support to companies, consortia, associations and other entities.

Interests settlement

Resolution of assignments and reorganization of common assets.

Appraisals and Assessments

Appraisals and assessment of companies, firms, assets and rights.

Directors and Statutory Auditors

Monitoring compliance with the laws, bylaws, administration and accounting.

Contractual area

Advice on negotiation and drawing up of contracts, deeds and preliminaries.

Economic and financial area

Budget analysis and development, business and investment plans.

Financial statements and accounting

Drawing up of ordinary, consolidated and extra-ordinary financial statements.

Organization and control

Consulting to assess the potentiality of organizational structures.