The Firm


VTI Studio

VTI Studio was founded in December 1992 as a professional association between three Certified Public Accountants: Mauro Ianiro, Marco Tani and Fabio Vanni - later joined by another professional, Mario De Gennaro - with the specific aim of providing assistance dealing with corporate fiscal and taxation related issues.

From the very beginning, VTI Studio has steadily strengthened its client base, which is currently primarily made up of medium-sized to large businesses and corporations, gaining expert experience in solving fiscal and taxation problems.

The fundamental values


VTI Studio strongly believes in "intuitus personae" as the basis of a professional relationship, whereby each client is assisted by a specialized and experienced team of professionals, who become fully familiar with each specific fiscal situation and are always ready to offer dedicated and tailor-made services.
- Fabio Vanni -